Saturday, January 21, 2017

A Sea Story

A Sea Story.

The sea lashed itself to fury,
as it thrashed upon the wounded, aching, sand.
It withdrew itself, with ebbing, boiling, rage.
An arrogant refusal to apologise
or retreat, from confrontation.

The orphaned, uprooted kelp
lay helpless upon the shore.
Knowing, it is an incidental victim,
of rage, of deep, dark, disturbing,
unrest that lies within, the sea's
deepest, primeval, emotions.

The sea, thunders again to shore
Shouting! 'You dare to threaten, challenge me?
I will crush you, demolish your very being!'
'Ah, but you must retreat', I reply.
'You cannot remain, and,.
If I dance beyond your reach,
your threats are idle, imptoent'.

Who would dare to taunt the sea?
Who, could be so foolish? So ignorant of danger?
The sibilant hiss of the sea subsiding,
whispered of revenge to come,
Hissed, of eons to keep the rage alive.
"I will triumph" the waves declared.
"Revenge is mine" as it crashed upon the shore.

My depths are greater than yours.

I will outlast your petty thoughts.

Your transient atoms.

I will exact revenge, and you,

You may beg for mercy at my tides.

I am not lenient, nor forgiving.

You may yet ride the tides

of my emotions.

You may yet ride the flows of

my eternal oceans.

you shall return to all my swells

or surges of evolution,

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