Sunday, January 15, 2017

Tribute to Beautiful Sheree

Trying to write a long-formulating post, to my original blog.
It seems I cannot access the Life's Free Treats blog, so here it will be.

I wanted to post a tribute to a beautiful woman I knew, whose name is Sheree.

I met Sheree when we gave birth to our third children. She gave birth to her third son, and I was lucky enough to give birth to my first daughter. We were in the same hospital, in the same maternity ward.

We just 'clicked' and had many laughs in the ward before we were discharged. I had a slight complication, but Sheree had a larger complication. We vowed to keep in touch, and we did.

Her third son was so handsome and dark, much like his beautiful mother. She had beautiful long dark hair, cascading down her shoulders, in glorious profusion. Her small dark haired son had hair aplenty, and a cute upturned nose which made him appear angelic. His  immediate older brother had red hair, just like their father. He was a very different looking child to his small newborn brother.

As they grew, the differences in personality were marked.

Sheree had gorgeous dark eyes, and with her long, almost chestnut hair, almost looked like a Gypsy. Or, perhaps what my vision of a Gypsy would be. Her beautiful light infused eyes with their brown and hazel lights dancing, were just breathtakingly dazzling.She was filled with light, and a love to embrace every living creature.

They had a gorgeous Boarder Collie bitch, who loved the children, and guarded them so devotedly. She had puppies. Some of the puppies died mysteriously.
A small pet rabbit died mysteriously.
The little dark haired 'gypsy' so often had  'accidents'.

Another small brother seemed to fare rather better. He was a blonde little boy, and he seemed to be immune from the 'accidents' that befell his older brother.

It was all very unsettling. What exactly, was going on?

I had a very nasty car accident, the week my lovely friend had her fourth chid, a gorgeous  daughter, who looked like her beautiful Gypsy mother, with dark eyes, and hair.
It was weeks before I could get to see the lovely little daughter.

I often think of Sheree, and wonder what happened to her after we lost touch.

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